Wednesday, April 5

I hate the internet

I have a confession. I am not very fond of the internet. In fact, I pretty much dislike the internet. No, I Frankly HATE it. Strong choice of words huh? But let me explain this loathing hate for the internet that I posess. Ok, first off, lets start simple.
1. I hate the internet because the search engines have so many lies on them, it is hard to find truth on the internet anymore. A whole bunch of people have access to the internet and can say what ever they want and post it as truth. Un-justified and blantent lies.

2. The second reason I hate the internet is because of all the selfish people who take advantage of other people. They scam, they con they are just plain cruel.

3. The next reason I hate the internet is because of junk-mail. Junk-mail is spam from very annoying people saying such things as "DatePeopleAroundYou" and things that I don't need the internet to tell me to do. I hate it.

4. And the fourth reason the internet is so repulsive is because of the porn. Yes, there, that word. The body is so abused and so wrecklessly exposed that even when one careful as I am, am bombarded with the devilish material. It is so sad, most of all that those who post pictures of themselves on the internet would do such a thing. They feel no discomfort in showing their bodies. What a sad sad day this is. Our society will crumble and decay if we allow it to stay with way. It will crumble before our eyes and we will wonder what caused it. I tell you the pronographic images will kill the senses and dull the mind until only those who fight against this great curse will stand. This is not a fickle matter. This is a concept lying on the edge of the pit that we must fall into or build a bridge to cross. Porn is something that diseases the soul which is worse than diseasing the body because the soul will live on into the spirit world and if it is diseased by pornography it will suffer eternally.

That is why I hate the internet with a passion, because porn is availible to all and unexpectedly and it diseases the soul. it is an epidemic that Must be stopped.

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LouDnesS said...

yeah yeah!! soem times "i hate the internet"