Wednesday, May 10

The truth.

If they'd just leave me alone, go away, let me die... 

I'd learn real quick to give up or survive 

and I'd find a way out from the pain of this kind. 

Don't make me love you, don't let me forget, 

but please let me go so you know what was left 

when you said I was responsible for your desire to die,

like my love was so toxic I could poison your life. 

Well, if I am so twisted, so despicably gross, 

then leave me alone, my memory and ghost. 

I'll find my own way, and I won't give a fuck. 

You ran out of time when you ran out of luck 

as you tore holes in my soul 

with the words that broke love.

It's ok, is ok, I'm not selling you short, 

I'm just telling the truth instead of praising your worth.

You think you're immune, like the arrow and moon, 

but I am your weakness now and that's just the truth.

So for your sake and my sake I'm running away. 

So you can have peace and I can be safe. 

And maybe one day you can atone for your wrongs, 

but until then, my love, you're no more than a song.

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