Wednesday, January 23

Hmm... It's only dark out.

I don’t think that darkness is all its cracked up to be. I mean if you look at it like this, let’s compare it to light. When in darkness, one only has to simply light a candle, turn on a flashlight, or snap a glow stick, and Ca BOOM! You have light where in you can see again. But in the reverse situations, where there is light, there is no Ooops, it’s suddenly dark if you light a candle, or what ever the opposite of a candle is, or oops, the opposite of a glow stick made everything dark. There is no opposite, because darkness is only as powerful as a shadow at sun rise. It has no weight, no substance, can’t control anything, and very shortly the sun shall appear and cast it off. They can’t hang around for ever. Unless you bury them. In a cave, or your hands. And even then you have candles or flashlights which can brighten it so that it no longer exists.

See, that’s the funny thing about darkness; if you brighten it up, it no longer exists.

And what if we compare darkness to hate, and light to love? A whole new perspective. And it's true.

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