Wednesday, October 1

A Note from The Universe

Over the past few weeks there has been a recurring theme snagging my attention in business, relationships and personal growth. It was important enough to not only write down but also to integrate into my life at any cost.

Themes are often recurring in my life and tend to work like this, that when the universe wants to tell me something, it more or less hands me a note paper with an important message scribbled on it. After letting me read the message, the universe decides to hand me another note paper a few days later to reinforce the idea that I should do something about the message it had handed me the day before.

It goes on like this for a few weeks, the universe handing me message after message on different pieces of figurative note paper until one day after I've collected the same message on several of these bits of paper, I finally give in and shake a fisted note at the sky (which at this point has become an ACTUAL note paper on which I've taken down the dictations of the universe in my own penmanship) with a slight smirk and a "Fine! I get the point! I'll do it, I'll do it!"

After searching for answers to some of my personal questions about how to get what I want out of life, the universe kindly handed me this message (again and again) over the last couple weeks:
Hey Sarah!
I heard you're looking for a few new things in your life such as a good relationship, happiness, more money and all that lovely stuff you mortals like to have around. Well I thought I'd help you out and let you in on the trick to getting what you want. If you're interested in doing something about it, there are the two parts to it:  
First, you've got to get present with yourself. You've got to know what you REALLY want. This can be tricky if you don't know how to get present with your higher self, but I've got confidence you'll figure it out.
The second part is tricky. You've got to get present with yourself enough to let go of the very thing you want. See, if you hold on to it too tightly, you'll miss it when I hand it to you because it won't look exactly like what you were expecting. It'll be better, and you'll miss it if you're too busy focusing on it the way you think it ought to be. To get what you want, you must let go of how it is delivered and focus only on being so present with the moment that you can with child like excitement recognize the gift when I give it to you. 
You must first decide to be happy, and then you may have the things that you think make you happy. It sounds like a contradiction, but I promise that if you chase the things you think will make you happy, you won't be happy even once you have them, and if you are at peace with yourself you'll naturally receive the things that really do make you happy. The truth is you'll never be happy if happiness is dependant on things outside of yourself.  
So keep moving, set your sights on what you want and let go of the outcome. Focus on accepting what is, and I'll do the heavy lifting.
Love you, 
The Universe 

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