Wednesday, January 20

Things I learned today

I learned two things today of very high importance. They both have great significance to living a happy and fulfilling life.

First, I learned that if you know you should do something, but don’t really want to, write it down on a list of other happy things you want to do, and don’t do anything else on the list until you get it done. And then, not because you are permitted to, but because you are instructed to - laugh after you complete the task as though you were a crazy maniac.

This will a) make you look crazy and frighten off people who may deposit on your lap future projects that you don‘t want to get done either, and b) helps you feel like you accidentally took over the world - thereby reinforcing the effectiveness of the priority-list-making-technique.

The second thing I learned is this: DO NOT PUT THUMBTACKS IN YOUR POCKETS - especially if you have thin pants - that are not jean. After which, I learned to NEVER FORGET THAT YOU PUT THUMBTACKS IN YOUR POCKET. I also learned to, NEVER PLAY YOUR GUITAR BY RESTING IT ON TOP OF A POCKET THAT HAS FORGOTTEN THUMBTACKS IN IT.

Very uncomfortable. And somewhat shocking. And simply thoroughly embarrassing.

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Hawley said...

Fantastic pic. I wish I felt like that more often.