Tuesday, March 14

Flags and school

I just discovered "Flags". I didn't know what that was for before (showing how realistically new to this whole blogging thing I am...) So, I have discovered that blogs can be flagged if objectionable content is displayed. I like the idea.

So, considering that the 'flag' option is available I feel a bit safer. But before I wrote the post before this one, I actually did a little cruising of blogs. I can't remember what the address was, but I found a certain blog spot that was of particular interest to me. It is not that the subject was interesting. Far from it. It was just every day entries. What DID interest me was the fact that it was enjoyable to read. It is rare for me to find something I actually want to read the entire way through that is that boring. I read through his posts entirely. It is very interesting. Something about his style of writing is appealing.

Now, if only I could duplicate that style so that mine is interesting to read. That style would be so useful in writing essays or anything else for that matter. I don't remember the blog spot so it is impossible to reference. All I know is that he was talking about laundry. 'What an interesting topic' you may comment... Yes, an interesting topic when it is said the way he said it. Of course, I would want my own spin to the style he has, but I want to know his secret. I couldn't say what it was that was appealing. He kept his paragraphs short... He had a stress-free or almost careless approach. Maybe that is it. He just didn't care who read it, and didn't give much thought to the meaning of everything.... And yet strangely he wasn't shallow about things. How does that work? I don't know, or I'd be doing it.

Here's a cute poem I wrote a little bit a while ago:

Welcome to the hospital for the un-learned.
The treatment room numbers are patterned.
One to one hundred round the corner and right,
Add one hundred for each floors height.

The doctors are accurate, knowing and kind.
Sure to enlighten, brighten: Cure your mind.
Sick and ailed you must be made better,
So learn your stuff and write us a letter.

The sick beds are placed in columns and rows
We test you and quiz you on who really knows.
On Biology, Physics and Chem must you grill
And don't forget CALM: it's your happy pill.

Essays are easy once you know how,
If you really get stuck figure it out somehow.
We can't really help you: we aren't allowed.
But take off your cap and don't be too loud.

Note: CALM is a Career And Life Management course everyone in highschool has to take.

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