Monday, March 13


Well... What do I do? I am completely trapped. Dude, just leave me alone. I am so SICK of guys. Why do they show any interest in me? Because I'm 'pretty'? Why do I care? Oh man... I am SO sick of guys. I just want them to all leave me alone... What a strange post, and what a strange problem.
I think some people would love my problem... Well, I don't. I feel so trapped. There seems to be no escape. I feel caged in on every side. They are great people to be sure. Great, fearless, handsome, wonderful people. People I could spend the rest of my life with. But no... Is it something wrong with me? It must be. I mean they are great people and any one would jump at any of the chances given to me. Why then, and what is wrong with me? I don't want anything to do with romance. GAH! I want to live life. Shucks to the romance. Blah and forgu to the romance. I don't want it. Maybe later. I am not up for it right now.

So instead I'll post a picture of a picture I've been working on recently.

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